Tamir Gonen

MEDIC - Microcrystal Electron Diffraction Imaging Center at UCLA


MEDIC is a cryoEM facility based at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine dedicated to MicroED technology development and structure solution.

The facility employs advanced technology including a Titan Krios equipped with a CetaD and Falcon3 cameras and a Talos Arctica equipped with a CetaD, Falcon3 and F416 TVIPS CMOS camera. 

Outside users wishing to use the facility for MicroED data collection can contact us here. Please be sure to include a title of your proposed study, an abstract with scientific significance and preliminary results. Projects submitted will recieve a priority score used for time allocation at the center.


Usage charges are:

Unassisted $80/hour  (Internal to UCLA only)

Assisted Academia $125/hour

Assisted non-Academia $250/hour

Three shifts are available per day per microscope and users must book by shift. 

Current wait times are ~2 months.